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Welcome to the weekly SEO tips for newbies video series.  I am Chris Darling.  I’m known as the “Googler” within my networking circles because I help businesses get to the first page of Google by dialing in their local SEO so that they can increase their visibility, make that phone ring and get more business from the Internet.

Today I’m going to go over content marketing and why it’s good for SEO.

Content marketing includes a lot of things like blogging, guest blogging, press releases, infographics, videos and the list goes on.

Today I’m going to just focus on blogging and guest blogging.

When you blog, whether it is in writing or video blogging, that gives you the opportunity to go after what’s called long tail keyword phrases.  Long tail keyword phrases have at least 3 words in the phrase.  These phrases are more specific and tend to attract quality traffic  which can lead to more conversions from site visitor to avid fan, subscriber, customer or client.

When you guest blog you can do the same with targeting long tail keyword phrases but you get an added benefit of including a backlink from your guest blog post to your main website.  If you guest blog on a popular site, this can result in a lot of additional traffic to your website.

All of your content can be shared on social media sites as well.

Getting found for more specific keyword phrases and getting traffic from other popular sites increases your visibility online which is all good for SEO.

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