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image of Q and AQ:  I have a very limited budget, only $500, where do you recommend I start, SEO or PPC?

Please clarify, $500 now and that’s it or $500 a month?

Response… $500 now and that’s it.

A:  I know there are countless stories of people that use shoestring marketing to build up a business.

When it comes to Google PPC or paid advertising, you need more than a shoestring budget.

It is possible to build up a profitable Google Adwords campaign on $500/month.  You still need to consider the management and consulting fees associated with that ad spend.

Unfortunately, what I’m hearing is that you only have $500 and that’s it.

There’s the old saying that “it takes money to make money” right?

I’ve also heard the saying that “scared money don’t make money”.

From my experience, if all you have is $500 to work with, putting it all into PPC is not the best choice.

This is especially true if your target website is not ready to convert and monetize that paid traffic.

Given the choice of SEO or PPC and only $500 I would go with finding an SEO that really knew their craft.

If that local search marketer is willing to provide you an couple of hours at a time of consulting this could help you.

With that consulting, expect to have your search consultant zero in on the most effective strategy that gives you the most bang for your buck.

Still with only $500, you can expect that YOU will be the one to implement most of the recommendations.

After you implement those recommendations, save up your dollars, and buy some more knowledge.

Check out this page to see if the 30 minute complimentary consultation is still available for you.

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