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Hi,  Welcome to the weekly SEO tips for newbies video series.  I am Chris Darling.  I’m known as the “Googler” within my networking circles because I help businesses get to the first page of Google by dialing in their local SEO so that they can increase their visibility, make that phone ring and get more business from the Internet.

Today’s tip is about some SEO jargon.  First of all,  What is SEO?  For those of you that still don’t know exactly what it is but have heard you need it, it means Search Engine Optimization.   It encompasses a vast array of tasks and activities that all work together to help your website to show up on the first page of Google organic results for particular keyword phrases that a user searches for.

What are organic results?  Well, when you enter a search into Google, you are usually presented with a variety of results.  Some are advertisements.  The rest are organic or rather, what shows up naturally without the business having to spend money directly with Google Adwords.

Now wait, what are Adwords?  That’s a pay to play advertising platform run by Google where you can bid on certain keywords.  Theoretically, if you bid on a keyword phrase, your ad shows up when someone searches for that phrase.  When the user clicks on your ad, you are charged a fee by Google. 

Okay, there are 3 definitions for you so now, you know what SEO is, what organic results are and what Adwords is.

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