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I recently started using Facebook Ads to grow my online business and had acquired just enough skill to bumble through the process. I hired Chris to review my ads and corresponding LeadPages. Her advice was clear, specific, and actionable. Based on her advice, I was able to tweak my ads and messaging to produce better results and have a better understanding and more confidence for how to track my analytics. I’ll definitely use her services again. 

Lois H. Author/Self Publisher Facebook Ads October 24, 2017

All I want is for my phone to ring with quality customers.  You do just that!  Even though I have a hard time understanding all of the ins and outs of how local search works, your reports are helpful to me.  What matters at the end of the day is that I'm found and I'm busy with new work.  Thank you.

John D. Plumbing Contractor June 12, 2017

Chris Darling has a knack for SEO. I have't met many people with such a clear and concise understanding of search engine optimization and how to make it work for local businesses. 

D. Dera Writer May 15, 2017

I never use to see the viability in all this search engine optimization since my business runs on word of mouth referrals.  But, after seeing what you could do for me, I was pleasantly surprised.  Calls started coming in from your local search marketing and lead generation service and I spent less time sitting in those referral networking groups!

Brian A. HVAC Contractor February 24, 2017

I never realized I was missing out on so much organic search traffic before.  Shortly after you took over my account we started to get a lot more calls from getting found locally in maps.  We also started to see much better results, less ad spend waste, and improved ROI for our PPC campaign.

Doug L. Plumbing Contractor December 2, 2016

I like that I can call you or email you with any question I have when it comes to my local search marketing.  Thanks for all you do with connecting the dots between our social media, local search marketing, and paid advertising campaigns.

Doug M. Plumbing Contractor October 7, 2016

I moved all of my business locations to Chris and Darling SEO after she showed me significant improvements and results with my Wilmington location in local search.   Her dedication and commitment to demonstrating local search marketing results is second to none.

Ron W. Plumbing Contractor September 17, 2016

I expected this past holiday season to be slow but your efforts have kept my phone ringing and our appointment book full.  It is difficult to tell what is coming from my offline marketing efforts but it's very clear that effectively marketing locally online is where I should be putting more of my advertising dollars.  

Travis W. Auto Repair March 10, 2016

Even with the seasonality of my contracting business, your local search marketing work keeps bringing me in customers and keeps my calendar booked with projects minimally 3 weeks ahead.

Dale W. Fence Contractor October 14, 2015

Thank you for fixing my local maps listings and visibility.  Now I understand what it takes to get found on the first page of maps and how to keep my business listings from getting hijacked again.

Mr. Alemar Flooring June 16, 2015

You have deservedly earned the reputation as *the* SEO expert within our large business network. The depth and breadth of your knowledge is outstanding, and you regularly stay up-to-date with the latest technical trends in the industry.

B. Grubb Marketing April 3, 2015

You are crushing it for me!

Jeff K. Electrician January 12, 2015

This was my best year yet.

Jeff K. Electrician February 24, 2014

Chris is a good person to have on your side with marketing on the Internet, particularly within the technically oriented local search and SEO channels. 

B. Mooney Marketing January 14, 2014