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Welcome to 2014.  This is going to be your best year ever if you checkup these 5 areas for your local search marketing.

1. Mobile Responsive Website

Be sure to have a professional and mobile responsive website optimized for search. If you don’t have a mobile responsive site now, don’t let 2014 go by without going mobile. Your business will be passed up for a more accessible option from your competitor.

If you are going for an all new site design or build, make it responsive.

If you have a site and just need a mobile option, the easiest and cheapest is to create a free mobile website at DudaMobile.

2. Social Media Sites

Decide what social sites you shall play on and work them. There’s no need to try to juggle 10 different social sites. Find out the main ones where the most of your customers hang out.

Come up with a strategic plan. Make connections, nurture connections, and sell to connections.

Check out Gary Vaynerchuck’s Jab, Jab, Jab, Right Hook book on Amazon: How to Tell Your Story in a Noisy Social World

3. MultiMedia Content

Plan your multi-media content development promotions. If you are not doing this yet, 2014 is your year to begin integrating videos and high resolution images into your content along with your consistent blogging.

Videos on your website make for stickier content. High resolution images are almost required anymore on Google+, Facebook, Pinterest, and others.

This is an area we are working to help our construction clients leverage even more in 2014.

30 Minute Consult:

4. Paid Advertising Channels

Start up a paid advertising plan. Google constantly changes the overall layout of the first page of search results.

Consider mobile devices… with the smaller screen size, you simply will not be seen by your customers in some cases unless you pay for advertising and get in the top 3 spots of the sponsored ads.

If Google Adwords costs too much for you, check out Bing Ad Center. You’ll get less volume but it will also cost you much less per click.

If you have the budget, definitely advertise in both.

Remember, Google and Bing are not the only players in paid advertising. You can implement a Facebook advertising and promotional campaign.

Another paid advertising channel that delivers huge ROI is Retargeting.

In 2014, just get in where you can fit in and diversify your website traffic sources.

5. Organic SEO Check-Up

Keep your local SEO in check. If your customers are all local, be sure your data is consistent throughout the local ecosystem.

Whether local, regional, or national, good SEO is going to connect all of the dots for you from your website to your social media accounts to your multimedia content creation and promotion to maximizing the funds you invest in paid advertising.

Good SEO is like the plumbing in your house. Don’t take it for granted.

Make sure all systems are go, traffic is flowing to and fro as it should, your “P-traps” are catching phone calls and email inquiries, and you are gaining new customers by educating them on money or time saving products and services.

I knew there was a reason I liked to play dot to dot games as a child. It’s all connected. I like to make the connections and end up with a big profitable picture.


Happy New Year!!!

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