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One of the things I focus on is Local SEO. This is when I help business owners to show up locally on the first page of Google and within the 3 pack of maps in their town for the services they offer. If your customer is searching on Google to find your services, this is the type of SEO you want to focus on; LOCAL.

One of the things I do in local SEO is use schema markup or structured data markup to identify your local business type and other details to the major search engines. I also use it to markup reviews or videos on your website.

Search engines like Google LOVE structured data markup. It helps them to better understand the information on your web pages. It’s still debatable to whether this type of markup helps in your keyword rankings or not.

But one cool thing is that when used, this type of markup creates Rich Snippets in search results you get better click through rates. In other words, people are more likely to click on the result in the form of a rich snippet.

My point… use structured data markup whenever possible because it will help to attract more traffic to your website from search results.

If you want some help in marking up your website with structured data, let me know. Contact me here.

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