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Last week I talked about why content marketing is so good for SEO.

But it can sometimes be hard to come up with useful topics for blogging especially if you are in a field that you might consider to be a little boring like say.. accounting.

Well let me give you an idea for content marketing that can work even for boring industries.

Answer questions.  What questions do your customers or clients often have?  List out those questions and write a blog post for each with a well thought out answer.

If you can’t come up with any questions on your own, try out a site called  That site is all about questions and answers.  Try a topic keyword search first.  This will bring up a long list of questions related to that topic.

I searched the topic accounting and right away I was presented with dozens of questions that a blog post could be written to answer.

In fact one question I saw was “Is accounting the most boring profession to go into?”

Anyway, answering questions with blogging is a great way to develop content for your website that is interesting, will attract traffic and will be read.

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