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Right now, there’s a new planet orbiting around in our solar system.

On December 30, 1983, scientists discovered Planet X.  This 10th planet in our solar system is reportedly as large as Jupiter.

Go ahead and Google it for yourself.

Some conspiracy theorists believe that this planet may be the cause of the whacked out weather people across the globe are experiencing.

I’ve heard other arguments that global warming may not have as much to do with us humans destroying the earth’s atmosphere by pumping in greenhouse gases as much as maybe this Planet X influencing solar warming shifts.

Think about Mars.

Mars reportedly exhibits signs of global warming as well.

There are no humans on Mars.

Mars is in the same solar system as Earth and Planet X.

Hmmmmm… makes you wonder about the relationships, causes, and correlations among things huh?

There are articles all over the web that confirm these facts.  There are also plenty of write ups that debunk the facts as unsubstantiated theories.

My conclusion… no one really knows much about anything that directly causes weather phenomenon.

A lot of people can make correlations between events, history, and new information to create compelling arguments supporting what is going on around Planet Earth though.

I believe the only sure thing we can do is prepare for today’s weather based on the most trusted analysis and predictions we can find.

I think the same can be said for organic search in Google’s algorithm.

Google debriefed me upon my return from Planet X.

They made things very clear to me as well as other Earth based professional SEOs.

Google’s teams of engineers and scientists have created something so incredibly complex.

They guard their code, theories, schemes, offshore data barges, and calculations like the government guards their crimes and information.

What would happen if it was all transparent?

There would be riots in the streets while geeks spend their time manipulating rankings to sell black market military grade riot control gear to rednecks with iPhones and hipsters with Androids.

Utter mayhem is what I see.

Okay, come back to reality and focus on organic search in Google’s algorithm.

I don’t always know for sure what causes your site or pages to show up on the first page.

I don’t always know for certain why your site bounces around from the bottom of page 1 to the top of page 3.

I can never be 100% right in what causes your site to switch positions over night with your rival down the street.

As SEOs, that’s all any of us can really do…. make correlations.  Pinpointing precise causes to movement in organic search is a messy area.

What I do really well is make correlations between the events, history, and new information I gather related to your website, your social media presence and activity, your back link profile, your competition’s efforts, and the latest reported changes in Google’s algorithm.

From those correlations, I can help you create a plan of action to conquer the uncertainty of how to get your website on the first page of local search to generate more leads and new business passively from the Internet.

If you have questions and are completely confused by all of the conflicting explanations you are finding online by doing your own research, try out my 30 minute complimentary consultation.
(ALERT! Complimentary consult available for a limited time.  Please don’t get mad if  you see this post all late and wrong, go to the application and find there’s a fee attached.  It’s really worth a small investment, you will see.)

I promise to keep you grounded down to Earth and help you come up with a realistic next step to implement.

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