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Do You Own A Contracting Business That Keeps You In Feast Or Famine Mode?

Are You Looking For A Local Search Marketer You Can Trust To Get You More Profitable Website Traffic And Phone Call Leads?

If you own or operate a local business or contracting company or if you are simply someone who would like to get more profitable customer leads calling you, this may be the most exciting page you will ever read.

Here is why:  Some time ago, I was stuck in a dead end job. 

I just started a local computer repair business on the side and was working 19 hours a day, pre-dawn to midnight, night after night.  I was tired and I was desperate to find a way to quit my day job.

tap into local searchI started tapping into local search marketing to generate a never ending stream of new customers. 

Some of my new customers were huge, some were small, but just about all of them kept coming back for more and more.

I started to help out friends of mine with local search marketing that owned various contracting businesses.

Some of these friends became clients and have continued to retain my services year after year after year.

They don’t continue to retain my services just because we are friends… even though I like to think I’m kind of a cool friend to have…

You see… they continue to retain my services because they trust me AND I continue to provide them results.

best year yetOne of my long term clients was able to quit his day job to work his local contracting business full time.  This only happened because I helped him generate a consistent flow of leads so he could keep his calendar booked up to avoid the feast or famine so common for skilled contractors.

Another one of my long term clients assesses his profits and losses at the end of every year.  He really knows his numbers in his business.  He knows how to make a profit.  Each and every year, year over year, he thanks me and says this was his best year yet.

Another one of my clients owns a franchise type of contracting/home services business…. 3 locations. 

At first, he only retained my services for one location.  I knew he was “testing” me out to see if he could trust my abilities. 

He worked with various other search marketing agencies in the past so he already knew a thing or two about local marketing and what it takes to be successful.

After a year and a half I am now managing his local search marketing efforts for all three locations.  PLUS… he happily referred 3 other franchise owners to me. 

Before I can start to do the same for you… that is, tap into local search marketing to help you increase business, I invite you to try out what it’s like to work with me.

Your trial begins with a 30 minute consultation for a meager $97 investment.

In This 30 Minute Consult You Will:

  • Quickly identify the main struggle your business is facing in local search.


  • Cut through the myths and misconceptions and get real answers to questions specific to YOUR business.


  • Uncover the biggest barriers standing in your way of local marketing success.


  • Get clear insights to your current status in local search to create the most profitable strategy moving forward.


  • “Flush” out cold callers, “gurus” you’ve never heard of, and bad proposals on the table with a professional 2nd opinion on a local marketing strategy that works for you. 


  • Uncover any “dirty tricks” used by your previous search marketers that are muting your current results.


  • Get a simple “laundry list” of tactics you can begin using today to get better local search marketing results tomorrow.


  • Get valuable takeaways and info worth more than the consult fee or get your money back!


  • Discover how to put local search marketing on autopilot so you can concentrate on estimates and build, remodel, renovate, repair, or provide more home services.


Why the fee?  In order for me to provide you with the insights, information, and takeaways, we have to talk.  Before we talk, I have to go out and do a bit of analysis of your business in search.  That analysis and preparation for our 30 minute meeting will take me 30-60 minutes to complete. 

This is your opportunity to get some valuable and specific information related to your local search marketing efforts and turn it into more profitable leads in the future for a fraction of my regular face-to-face hourly consulting fee.

Why continue to sit in the dark, invisible to all of the customers searching online for your services?

Sign up for your own 30 minute consult for just $97.00 below.

Upon payment confirmation, you will be taken to an application form to provide me with your business details so that I can go out and perform the research and analysis required in preparation of our time together.


myguaranteeMy Guarantee:

I realize your time is just as valuable so I offer a money back guarantee on my 30 minute consult.

If at the conclusion of our 30 minutes together you do not feel that you received any valuable information to take your local contracting business to a new level, I will refund your $97 immediately.  Not only will I refund your money but you can keep any analysis reports I create for you.