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Chris is the Local Search Marketer that Contractors Trust

chrisWho am I?

I am an SEO Specialist with a well rounded view of the big picture that allows me to think strategically.

I am a technical person with an unquenchable thirst for knowledge that allows me to implement tactically.

I am a self development junkie that allows me to be a better person with each new day.

I am competitive and valiant in the face of challenges.

I believe in leading and inspiring by example through my story.

How Can I Help Your Business?

If you want help with…

  • Establishing credibility online
  • Having your website directly responsible for getting more customers
  • Being found in top results for keywords, categories, and topics that matter
  • Solving SEO or Search Engine Optimization problems
  • Leveraging your positive reputation
  • Fixing a bad reputation 
  • Maximizing your online paid campaigns (PPC)

You are in the right place.

Who are my clients?

Business owners of contracting companies, builders, plumbing companies, HVAC, and electrical contractors that want to establish themselves as an authority in their online market place to get MORE traffic, establish MORE contacts, and make MORE money in their business.


  • Struggle with getting search engine optimized websites to represent your business and act as a marketing funnel to your bottom line.
  • Want to understand and solve the time and expertise problems of how to use social media and SEO strategically to get your site and business found online.
  • Really want more than to just get found.
  • Want to STAND OUT online in your market and capture more of the market share and expand your brand.
  • Are a business owner destined to excel and are looking to stand out from the crowded online market place.


You may be an ideal business client if:

  • You own a service based business.  If you sell products, that does not exclude you however; the meat of your business tends to be service oriented.
  • You work on your business full time as the founder, creator, CEO, president, and expert.
  • Your business is your pride and joy that you built up.
  • Your business is ethical and makes a positive impact on other people’s lives.
  • Your business does not take advantage of the vulnerabilities or financial weaknesses of others.
  • Your business is established, your focus is clear, and your readiness for a return on your investment is present.
  • Growing your business online is a priority and you are willing to commit at least 6 months to the initial process.
  • You are frustrated by seeing your direct competitors getting the new online business when you know you are the better choice.
  • You are ready to finally find yourself at the top of search results for the services and expertise you offer.


How am I different from other SEO and Online Marketing Consultants?

It is important to me that our clients find success online. You will feel that importance and commitment.

My vision is to make a positive impact in this lifetime while creating something that matters.  You will get closer to your own vision when choosing to work with us.

I am passionate about what I do.  I enjoy it.  You will catch on to that energy.

We offer exclusivity in some cases.  Even if you are not in an exclusive program, you will feel like you are our only client.

What type of people do I work best with?

Ethical people, cool people, happy people, talented people, and smart people.

Your personality must be one of integrity.

What is expected of you?

Do what you say you are going to do.

Be ethical.

Operate with integrity.

Communicate clearly.

Apply for a 30 minute Consult session  that will give you serious perspective and actionable steps to improving your online marketing results.

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