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emailmarketingAre you ready for an honest opinion of the Aweber email marketing system and auto-responder?

If you are marketing products and services on the Internet, your most valuable asset is your email list.

As you build up this list, you will need a great place to manage and nurture your relationships with your subscribers.

In my honest opinion, based on first hand experience and observations, Aweber is NOT for everybody.

It could be for you IF:

  • You do not currently have an email marketing service or system in place.
  • You realize you must get something set up ASAP.
  • Your Internet marketing budget is tight.

Why should you listen to me?   Well I have been an Aweber customer for over 5 years.  I use the platform every day.

I’ve also had the opportunity to set up different types of businesses with Aweber.  It is clear that other email marketing systems offer more benefits to specific types of businesses than others.

I have tried other auto-responders and email marketing platforms for my own business but in the end, cancelled them, and returned to my familiar, faithful, and versatile Aweber.

Aweber is reasonably priced at $19/month.  You can get the first month for just one dollar.

Disclosure & Disclaimer:
Not only am I a long time customer of Aweber, I am also an affiliate.  So, if you read my blog, click through my links, and sign up with them, I get a commission.  It’s not a crime.  It’s affiliate marketing.

If you actually purchase through my link, I’ll be like super happy.   😀  I mean, it’s not going to make me filthy rich but it is kind of fun to be compensated for sharing my completely biased and highly opinionated review of Aweber with you.

If you find this post helpful, please do sign up for Aweber through my link here.  It’s an easy way to say thank you.  It won’t cost you anything extra.  It’s just how affiliate marketing works.

Who is Aweber best suited for?

  • Internet marketers
  • Affiliate marketers
  • Home based business owners
  • Network marketers
  • Info product marketers
  • Authors
  • Coaches
  • Bloggers
  • Consultants

If your business falls into any of the above, Aweber is a great starting point and will work well for you.

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It is NOT the best solution if you are:

  • Contractor, plumber, electrician, heating and air company, builder… skilled tradesman or woman
  • Accountants, Lawyers, Insurance Agents
  • Retail stores, Restaurants, Brick and Mortar Shops
  • An advanced Internet Marketer with complex, multi-touch point marketing funnels.
  • Anyone looking to add face to face personal contacts or offline opt ins to their list.

If your business is one of the above, you may want to evaluate other solutions like Constant Contact, Infusionsoft, or Mail Chimp.  Again, this is my opinion and what I’ve found through experience in working with these types of businesses.

IMHO (In My Honest Opinion)…. Aweber is to Email Marketing for the Home Business Owner kind of like what WordPress is to Blogging for the Solo-Preneur. 

Since the platform is well established, developers of other Internet marketing programs and tools make integration simple and seamless.

What this means for you is that you don’t have to re-invent the wheel or become a programmer in order to set up your marketing funnels, build your list, and sell your products and services online.

Take a test drive and see for yourself:

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  • Affordable entry level price point.
  • Easy to integrate with other Internet marketing tools.
  • RSS to Email:  Option to automatically send out your latest blog post to your email subscribers.
  • Automatically publish to the major social media channels like Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn.
  • Easily make sign up forms for your website.
  • No website?  Use the Aweber form hosting option.
  • Send follow up messages automatically.
  • Send broadcast emails whenever you want.
  • Control the exact date and times that you want the messages to land in your subscribers inbox.
  • Track performance; get stats so that you can improve your open rates and conversions.
  • Easily integrates with WordPress, PayPal, Facebook, Etsy.
  • Organize and segment your contacts for targeted communications.
  • Set up multiple lists.
  • Build marketing follow-up systems for multiple products and services.
  • Integrate multiple domains, personas, and brands.
  • Protects you against SPAM complaints. Emails are less likely to end up in spam folders because they analyze the content for spam potential. This spam score allows to you to modify your emails for maximum delivery results.


  • It is not a contact management system.
  • It is not a comprehensive CRM.
  • It is just an email marketing software system.
  • Advanced customization of opt-ins forms and templates can be difficult and may require you to hire someone to do it for you.
  • They do not offer a free trial, only a $1 sign-up plan that you can cancel if you do not like their service.

Alternatives to Aweber:

(There are others, these are just the ones I’ve tried)

  • Get Response ($15/month)
  • ConvertKit ($29/month)
  • Constant Contact ($20/month)
  • Infusionsoft (Now Keap) ($99/month)
  • Drip ($49/month)
  • Active Campaign ($17/month)
  • Mail Chimp (Free)

They all have pros and cons with costs ranging from free to $99 a month.

Price is certainly correlated to the features and CRM marketing integrations you get access to.

The higher end email marketing programs are phenomenal.   However, they simply do not make financial sense to most home based business owners or start up businesses until they start bringing in revenues in excess of $250,000/year.  By all means though, the higher end email programs should be a business goal or milestone to gratefully graduate to.

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