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Hi,  Welcome to the weekly SEO tips for newbies video series.  I am Chris Darling.  I’m known as the “Googler” within my networking circles because I help businesses get to the first page of Google by dialing in their local SEO so that they can increase their visibility, make that phone ring and get more business from the Internet.

Today I’m going to go over a few more SEO terms;  anchor text, backlinks and website authority.

The anchor text is the actual text contained in a hyperlink.  For example, if while reading an article online you come across a couple of words that say “click here”, most likely that is a hyperlink and the words “click here” are the anchor text.  If you click on those words, that hyperlink will take you to another web page.

A backlink is known as an incoming link.  That is a hyperlink that exists on another page or another site that links to your site.  Backlinks can be good and backlinks can be bad.

Which brings me to website authority is also known as how trusted is your site in the eyes of Google.  Website authority or trust is calculated from how many related backlinks or incoming links a site has from other trusted websites.

So there you have it:  you now know the meaning of 3 more SEO terms:  anchor text, backlinks and website authority.  Be sure to subscribe to my channel or email list to get more weekly SEO tips for newbie.  See ya next week.

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